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Lighting is a great way to change the look of your venue whether you choose a subtle champagne wash light package, or go all out with vividly colored up-lighting, and a customized monogram fixture shining on the dance floor.  The nice thing about lighting is that it can be tailored to accommodate your tastes, as well as the venue you select for your event.

​Up-Lighting:  $400 for 12 fixtures


All of our up-lighting fixtures are LED, which produces very little heat and makes for a much safer environment.  Our LED cans require access to power outlets and can be programmed to display most standard colors.  As the name indicates, the color beam goes straight up the wall.  Additional up-lighting fixtures may be added for $35 each.

Cordless Wash-Lighting:  $400 for 12 fixtures


Our LED Wash-lighting fixtures require no electricity during use, making them better suited for tent lighting, and other venues were power outlets are few and far between.  Each fixture is programmable and the color can be quickly changed with the click of a remote.  These fixtures create more of a wash effect as the color spreads out in a wider angle.  Additional fixtures are available for $35 each. 

Photo Credit: Thomas Ross Photography

Wedding Lights Wedding GOBO Sorority DJ
Monogram Lighting:  $250 per fixture


Our ellipsoidal light fixtures feature custom cut steel go-between plates (GOBO), which allow only your monogram, logo, or other design to be featured on the wall or dance floor.

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